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SINGLE – Vexillary – Scent of Torture ft WARTERAUM

by François Zappa

GG Quintanilla, friend and Spanish musician, commented a few days ago on Facebook that he was afraid that some journalists were asking for money for promoting artists, like getting paid for an interview or an article. We, at the Garaje, condemn this conduct and are completely against it. If we sometimes pay special attention to some artists, like we have done in the past, it’s because we think they are worth it. And that’s the case of Vexillary, who is the protagonist of this article but is also featuring in our Video of the week section. 

Scent of Torture is the first single from Full Frontal Lunacy, Vexillary’s next album, that will be published on the artist’s own label, con:trace. It’s a potent darkwave track based on the artist’s own experience in the perfume industry, with a very modern sound that will please fans of NNHMN, Boy Harsher or Years of Denial. The song has an extremely catchy melody and a very provocative interpretation by Warteraum. A video has been made for the second track of the single, a more hypnotic remix made by Vexillary of Scent of Torture. Personally, I like it even more than the original.

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