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SINGLE – Vazum: Double Stellium

by Violeta

Detroit-based deathgaze duo Vazum have just released a new single entitled Double Stellium today. Although we’ve already written a couple of times about them, we’d like to remind you that Zach Pliska founded the band in 2017 and in 2019 Emily Sturm joined, continuing as a duo since then. They have recorded several albums, two of them with themes based on Hallowen (Rated V and Unrated V) and a multitude of singles that you can find on the band’s bandcamp.

In this new track, “Double Stellium” they once again include elements of shoegaze (that sonic wall at the beginning) and gothic rock, especially in those vocals that will give you goosebumps. The name of the single refers to the Double Stellium, which in astrology is known as the grouping of several planets under the same sign. This causes a certain amount of energy to be concentrated in certain areas. Both members of the band acknowledge having Double Stellium in their astrological charts and that is where the theme comes from.

On the other hand, they are preparing a new album for 2023 which will coincide with a US tour. Let’s see when they decide to make the leap to Europe.

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