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SINGLE – Thrillsville: The Fever

by François Zappa

Not long ago, Thrillsville’s previous single was our video of the week and today, as he has released a new song, we would like to write some words about this artist. “The Fever” is the new work of Rani Sharone’s dark electronic/industrial pop project. He has started playing live as Thrillsville in 2017 and has opened for bands such as Stabbing Westward or GosT. His discography, so far, includes one EP from 2017, four singles and the soundtrack of a video game titled It’s Not Scary! You can listen to all this material on the Bandcamp of the artist.

“The Fever” is inspired by one episode of The Twilight Zone, a classic series that I have planned to see in its integrality now that the leisure options are so limited. The lyrics of the song talk about how obsession and addiction can make one descend into hell because the object of the obsession can never be fulfilled. It’s a great dark electro track, that reminds me of And One slow songs, really sensual and gloomy at the same time.

Rani also plays guitar and bass with this twin brother in Stolen Babies, an experimental rock/dark cabaret band from California. They have released a couple of albums, the first one There Be Squabbles Ahead from 2006. Rani has also collaborated with Puscifer, one of the projects of the singer of Tool

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