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Single – The Sea At Midnight: Ocean

by François Zappa

The Sea At Midnight is Vince Grant’s dreamy darwave project, whose first album was one of our favorite albums of 2020. Now, he is back with a new EP, and “Oceans” is the first single. Today, we want to write a few lines about the song and next week we will properly review the full EP. The influences of New Order and The Cure are still there, but Vince has added a touch of shoegaze to the sound.

“Ocean” shows us the happiest although always melancholic side of The Sea At Midnight. Vince continues singing in this new track with a lot of feeling and the song has another great chorus that we won’t forget easily highlighted, this time, by the distorted guitars. In this song, he is using again the sea, the oceans as a metaphor to describe a very passionate moment.

In this new song, Vince has worked again with Chris King who is in charge of the production and mixing and, as a novelty, Marisa Shirar adds some backing vocals. With this song, The Sea At Midnight understands that everybody needs a bit of hope, although for some of us, to know that he is releasing new material is already a good reason to go through the day.

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