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SINGLE – Spiryt: E. chant

by François Zappa

French darkwave musician Spiryt has released a new track entitled “E. chant” that, according to the artist, won’t be in his next album. Spiryt is one of the artists that appears at the Garaje every now and then, and this year we already wrote about his last album, Sous Emprise Vol 2. Since then, he has released a couple of tracks: “Corrupted Account” and this “E. chant” we are going to review here.

Less frightening than previous material from Spiryt, but still very cinematic, “E. chant” stands up thanks to the very nice work of synths and some catchy feminine chorus. Instead, his previous “Corrupted Account” is another disturbing track, trade mark of the French musician. If you enjoy both, please have a look at his previous albums, you won’t regret it.

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