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SINGLE – Scenius: Darkest Lines

by François Zappa

On the 26th of June, Scenius (the duo of producer Steve Whitfield and French singer Fabrice Nau) released a new single. We already talked about them when they released they third single, and we will probably write again about the band when they release their fifth single. The metamorphobic couple disguises themselves as the Human League from the end of the seventies in this new single “Darkest Lines”, where the cold electronics contract with the warm and innocent way of singing of Fabrice. The cover of the single reflects perfectly the melancholy infused in all the track, a feeling that remains even after the last chorus has been sung. “Darkest Lines” and the other three songs can be heard and bought on the band’s Bandcamp.

So far, we have seen four faces of Scenius, and we can’t help but wonder: how many are they going to show us?

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