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SINGLE – Paranormales: Harakiri

by François Zappa

Just one month ago, we wrote about the first single of Paranormales’s new album and, even with this nightmare that we have lived lately, the post-punk Catalonian band has managed to release a second single, titled Harakiri. We would also like to tell all of you that the much-awaited new album, Contra, published by Cleopatra Records, is going to be released on the 19th of June, with a 12″ vinyl version and also a digital one. As we already told you, the album has been produced by Maurizio Baggio, the first single was Vértigo, and the album can be heard and bought here.

Paranormales wants to show us another side of the band: in this song the voice is kept at a second level and the electronic part gets more prominence. The darkness, the intensity and the sense of menace are still there, but this time it’s not a song that you will fall in love at first sight, but a relation you need to care for and that finally will reward you. 

Also, we would like to bring you a video of the song made by a fan that you can find below. Now, we can only wait for the album to finally be released. 

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