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SINGLE – Painted Romans: The Begging Existence

by François Zappa

We haven’t written anything about Norwegian post-punk band Painted Romans in around one year, so we are going to use this post to update you with all their new material. In February, they have released a new single, entitled The Begging Existence, but before, in December of last year, they recorded another one, In The Hour Of Fear. Both are available at the band’s Bandcamp.

And now, let’s review both releases in a chronological order: “In The Hour of Fear” is the darkest and most atmospheric song of Painted Romans that we have listened so far, with really sharp guitars and  Mats Davidsen singing with his more scaring and grave voice. “The Begging Existence” is, instead, an energetic track, with a long intro, classic drum sounds and outstanding guitar playing by Mats. It has a classic Goth Rock vibe and is particularly catchy.

As fans of the music of the band, we would like to recommend you to listen too to their previous material, like the EP Heart, that we loved so much or the numerous singles that they have been releasing in these years. Also, highly recommended are the first works of Mats Davidsen with his previous project Wallpaper Silhouettes.

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