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SINGLE – Dirk Da Davo: The Unreal

by François Zappa

We never talk enough of Dirk Da Davo, legendary Belgian musician that we had the pleasure of interviewing a few weeks ago. The last song he produced, “The Unreal”, was released a few months ago and was among all this stuff we did not have the time to comment. So today it’s a day as good as another to listen to it and share some words. This track and a lot that were commented on the interview can be listened to and bought at the artist’s Bandcamp.

One of the musical events of 2020 was the reunion of The Neon Judgement for a unique concert at W-Fest, but sadly it could not happen and we will have to wait until next year to finally see them live. We were also very unlucky because we also missed Neon Electronics in their last visit to Madrid as they played after Christmas and, for family reasons, we could not attend the concert. Well, we really hope that next year we will be able to listen to some of our favourite songs. Meanwhile, in “The Unreal”, Dirk Da Davo manages to take us to the golden years of electronic music while at the same time, sounds modern. Fans of both projects, without any doubt, will enjoy this new track.

If you want more, please have a look at this video from his compilation Moods where some of Dirk Da Davo’s EPs were compiled.

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