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SINGLE – Affet Robot: Budala

by François Zappa

Readers of El Garaje will remember Turkish dark synth pop project Affet Robot as we reviewed their preview EP and interviewed them last March. Now Affet Robot are back with a new song, Budala, first single of their second LP, that will be entitled Fiyasko. It will be published at the end of 2020 and it has been recorded and produced by Eren Günsan during the quarantine. You can listen and buy it here

We can notice a big improvement in the music of Affet Robot in this new track, an irresistible and perfect-for-the dance-floor darkwave tune. “Budala” means fool in Turkish and as Eren explains, the song it’s about the feeling of confrontation with reality, disappointment and being angry at yourself, feelings that, in a way, all of us have felt during these strange days that we are living in. Influences from the eighties with a modern sound can be found in this new track that will keep us waiting for the new album with expectation.

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