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Rain To Rust – Dead Violets Night

by François Zappa

Dead Violets Night is the new single from Turkish post-punk project Rain To Rust, who has collaborated with his compatriot NLP in the recording of the song. We wrote a few lines about Mert Yıldız’s band when his previous album, entitled Stillborn Flowers, was released and the record was highly appreciated among our readers. For this track, Mert has worked with NLP, Matt Loftin’s project. Matt was formerly a member of Housing Crash and Foton Kusagi, and with this new moniker he has released three singles, the last one, the powerful The Temperature, was published just last month. 

“Dead Violets Night” is a song that we already knew as it was previously released in Rain To Rust’s first album, entitled Stillborn Flowers that you should listen to if you haven’t done yet. This new version has a more coldwave sound than the original that was more post-punk, has more synths, a vocal interplay between both artists and new lyrics. Both projects are working on new material for this 2021 but they might be working together in the future.  

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