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Mark E Moon – Lux Vindictae

by François Zappa

Darkwave/Goth rock band Mark E Moon is back with a new EP entitled Lux Vindictae. Last year, they released the fantastic Old Blood and we also saw Mark Sayle singing at Sinner’s Day as he is the new singer of Belgian band Ground Nero. This new work has been released by Cold Transmission and is available in digital format and CD.

When the band from the Isle of Man was getting their third album ready, they realized a few songs did not fit in the overall more electronic vibe of the album, so they decided to release this EP with them.

“Blacklight” is a powerful Goth rock song, a great way of starting a record that would work perfectly as a single. “Revenge” is quite an original track, with electronic arrangements and a chorus that reminds me of Bowie/Vudovox. A real breathe of fresh air. In “Erika Dane” we find powerful synths and a lot of darkness in another of the great moments of the EP:

“Drowing” takes its time to create the perfect atmosphere where Mark sings with his gravest and deepest voice. It’s a song about alcoholism that doesn’t need a lot of ornaments to be one of the best tracks of the band. The chorus, sang by new band member Shelly Rourke, is worth mentioning too. “Anastasia” fights for its place in the long list of Goth songs with female names and should win a high position. We have Shelly again with a great work on the chorus and also in a surprising end where she sings a lullaby in Russian. The album comes to an end with the more atmospheric and oneiric “The Awakeners”. A highly recommended EP.

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