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Johnathan/Christian – Strip Me

by François Zappa

Los Angeles-based darkwave duo Johnathan/Christian have recently released a new EP entitled Strip Me featuring three new tracks, three remixes and a short epilogue. Remixers for the occasion include Leæther Strip, John Bechdel (member of Ministry) and Stoneburner (Steven Archer). The EP is available in digital format on the artists’ own bandcamp.

The EP, according to the same bandcamp notes, is about the ability to accept rejection and learn that love may not last forever. How to learn to hit rock bottom and get back up again. We start with “Strip Me”, a touching track, with its epic touch and Christian Grandquist’s peculiar and heartfelt voice. The remix brings the track closer to the dancefloor. “Sway back” has a sad melody but a more danceable beat, and both this and the next track feature backing vocals from Natalla Nekare. The remix by Leæther Strip puts the emphasis on the rhythm, very caracteristic of the author. “This Too” is the most dramatic track spiced with just enough epicness. For this writer, the best track of the three. Stoneburner‘s remix manages to emphasise the dramatic force of the track, even more. The EP ends with a short epilogue.

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