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IAMTHESHADOW – The Wide Starlight

by Violeta

Pedro Code and his IAMTHESHADOW are back with their fifth album,  entitled The Wide Starlight. The Portuguese trio delivers a more darkwave and less post-punk album than their previous Pitchblack, also released on the prestigious Cold Transmission label. The Wide Starlight is a melancholic but also danceable album, perfect for these cold winter nights. We remind you that we interviewed IAMTHESHADOW shortly before their concert at the last Sinner’s Day, a festival where we also saw A Slice of Life, a band that was also featured in this section just a few weeks ago. The Wide Starlight is available on CD and vinyl.

Now let’s move to the proper review: “Remains” is a slow and passionate song, with a chorus that will give you goosebumps and one of the best compositions ever written by Pedro Code. An impressive entry into the album, which continues in the best way with “The Wide Starlight”, with a slightly warmer and more upbeat sound. “Even the Air is a Ruin” gets off to a nice start and Pedro once again shines with his heartfelt singing on this catchy track. “Remind” doesn’t lower the album’s so far great quality and stands out with its synths. “Intimacy” continues with Pedro’s voice as its main asset and has a more danceable rhythm with a special role for the drum machine. “Unfold” presents us with another nice melody, something that, at this point, we can say that abounds in the album. To give some variety on “IamTheDark” we have the solemn vocals of Splendidula‘s Kristien Cools on lead with Pedro on backing vocals. “Stand Still” is a powerful and danceable track, with a female chorus that makes it more epic. In similar coordinates moves “The Killing”, another nice song. We find a great beginning in “Broken”, another great and passionate track, also one of the best of the album with a part that, strangely enough, reminds me of a song by the eighties act Cutting Crew. And finally, “If All Is Loss” is the perfect ending to this inspired album.

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