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Huir – Vital

by François Zappa

David Solazo, known by our readers for being part of the missed Paranormales, returns to the musical actuality with his new project Huir, a collaboration with Ana Of The Head. For now they have only recorded a single that has gotten them signed by the prestigious German label Cold Transmission and they have also supported The Chameleons in their Spanish dates. Sadly we couldn’t see them on that occasion, as it coincided with Ombra, but we hope to be able to see the duo as soon as possible.

“Vital”, their first track, is three promising minutes and fifteen seconds of very danceable darkwave. Ana Of The Head has a perfect voice for the style and sings in a quite personal way, at the same time that David ads his groovy basslines. The track is quite catchy and melancholic and when it ends you want more. Luckily, the duo have already announced an EP for next year to be released by Cold Transmission. Let’s finish saying that for the production they have counted on the reputed Maurizio Baggio, known for his work with The Soft Moon and Holygram.

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