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EP – Snakes Of Neptune: Insect

by François Zappa

The “acoustic punk” band Snakes of Neptune had a first incarnation in London from 2010 to 201. Jarrad Robertson was the bass player until he moved to Australia and became part of Pigs of the Roman Empire, band whose last EP was reviewed here a few months ago. But during those days in London, Jarrad and Ian Hargest (voice and guitar) recorded this three-song EP that thanks to the internet has just been released. You can buy or listen to it on Bandcamp. Also the project is alive again, and although both members live in different continents, there is a possibility that we will hear more from them.

“Insect” is a powerful song full of punk energy with a rockabilly vibe. Ian’s deep voice manages to take us to a dangerous pub in a lord-forgotten city of the United States. “Where Demons Feel to Tread,” instead is a bit more rock ’n’ roll with another frenetic pace. Only with guitar and voice, “Who were you with in the Moonlight?” manages to keep the intensity thanks both to the interpretation and to the lyrics. 

Three songs that will help us overcome this apathy that the current situation is causing.

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