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Enzo Kreft – XL

by François Zappa

If we recently talked about Dirk DaDavo‘s vinyl compilations, now it’s the turn of minimal synth pioneer Enzo Kreft. XL celebrates the forty years of life of the musical project by compiling material from his last three albums, originally released only on CD. It is the perfect complement to Dark Matter, the compilation that Walhalla Records released a few years ago and which contained material from his first two works. XL is released in a limited edition of 200 copies on 140 g. black vinyl that you can buy from the artist’s bandcamp.

The tracks included in the compilation belong to the following albums: Control (2019), Different World (2021) and Shelter released this year. The most represented record is Different World, with four tracks, all highly recommended: “Woke Up This Morning”, “Viral Paranoia”, “It’s Going On and On” and “Nature isn’t bound by borders”. It is an album we are especially fond of at El Garaje because we saw Enzo playing some of those songs at Sinner’s Day. From Control, his previous album, he includes three tracks, “Biometrics”, “Connected” and “Disobedient” that you will surely have heard live if you have been to any of Enzo Kreft‘s concerts. From his last album, Shelter (of which you can read the review on our site) he has selected the three singles that came out: “Duck and Cover”, “Blood Diamonds” and “There is No Tomorrow”. A must purchase for vinyl lovers and all those who want to enter the fantastic and dystopian world of Enzo Kreft.

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