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El Garaje de Frank presents: W-95

by Violeta

W-95 is the alter ego of a DJ based in the Spanish capital, member of the Drone Booking Agency. His passion for electronic music began at the age of 17 when he arrived in Madrid and since then he has danced in some of the best clubs in Europe, soaking up the different genres that underlie the whole continent.

This has led him to develop his own style in which electronica and more conventional sounds go hand in hand in sets where there is room for everything and everyone.

Under his alias W-95, he explores the strongest sounds of electronic music in sets full of broken beats, infinite melodies, acid, techno, EBM, breaks and jungle to take you on a journey through the most beautiful and wildest darkness.

Thanks to all this, W-95 has performed in some of the most emblematic clubs in the capital, such as Sala El Sol, Specka, Café Berlín, Hotel RIU, Café La Palma, Siroco Loungue, MUV… 


Scape One – Is Anybody Listening?
Luxus Varta – Sex After Midnight
Vivian Koch – Insomiami
Textasy – Illusions of the Mind
Legowelt – Shadows in the Street Life
Lou Krash – Among Us In Harmony
UHF- Flight To Anywhere
Snuffo – Sunrise
Aleksi Perala – NL561908697
Mella Dee – Truffle (Dam Mix)
Nina Kraviz – I Want You
FTP Uncensored Secret Shit – Be Nutting Without The 313 (Dry Mix)
Wachita China – W3RK R1DER
Bergsonist – Colonial Revolution
Rise Black – Alania
Tico Ross – Black Swan Event

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