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El Garaje de Frank presents: Horror Vacui

by Violeta

Horror Vacui is a duo from Madrid formed by S.Y.D and Krystall. Their musical and emotional experiences mix together to share, investigate and continue growing up in the electronic music field.

S.Y.D: DJ since 1996. More than 20 years behind the decks. Producer, labels, live Acts and DJ sets. Later in this career, he moved to production territories when he created a label. He also started playing live, resulting in a musical trip dominated by styles such as Techno, Electro, Industrial and EBM.

KRYSTALL: Hedonism and eclecticism. A compendium of rhythms and melodies surrounded the pass of time giving place to an intimate vision of music originated by different styles connected with electronic music. A source of inspiration, action and growing up. Diving in Techno, Electro, Acid and Disco sounds.


– Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag (R.H. Kirk #2 remix)
– Roma Zuckerman – Digitalization
– Dold – Strained Strings
– Teslasonic – Cyber Flow
– DJ Frankie – K7 (Gian Remix)
– Gary Clail and On U Sound – Peace perfect peace
– Impakt – Defcon (Club mix)
– Brian Ellis – Never gonna give you up (Nasty version)
– Zeta Reticula – 12 Parsecs
– Sansibar – Cyberdine systems
– Univac – Station cero
– Plant43 – Breaks the surface
– Luz1e – Surge
– The Hacker vs Commuter – RMBK
– The Advent – This is not
– Nite Fleit – Folie a dreamland
– Norwell – Secret transmission (Solid Blake remix)
– The Advent & Zein – Follow the leader
– Cowboy Rhythmbox – Scream 3A
– Harlem – Spastic Puppy
– Kovyazin D – Rage
– Rambal Cochet – Volt Thrower (Kris Baha remix)
– Cowboy Rhythmbox – Tanz Exotique
– Teatre – Įtampa
– Alien Sex Fiend – I’m doing time in a maximum security twilight home
– Bizarre Inc – Playing with dub

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