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El Garaje de Frank presents: Dani Surco

by Violeta

Dani Surco is a collector, who has been passionate about vinyl for several years, and a romantic of the analog format. In continuous learning, he’s a true fan of DJ culture and a clubber at heart. His magic lies in the meticulous search for music from different producers, which he then fuses in his mixes to create a musical journey with its own identity. A restless mind, who feels an overwhelming physical and mental attraction towards music: Dani Surco has found in electro a place where he can express himself in an entertaining and comfortable way.


1. Black Replica – Spider Theory
2. Anthony Rother – Human Made
3. Unknown Artist – MFTOPP8 B1
4. Unknown Artist – MFTOPP9 A2
5. Unknown Artist – MFTOPP8 B2
6. Ola Bergman – Dirac Spinor
7. Galaxy87 – Square Wave
8. Krypton81 & Cosmic Force – Synthetic Implant
9. Anthony Rother – Describe Reality
10. Galaxy87 – Psychoanalys
11. London Modular Alliance – Stray
12. Gosub – Warm & Sharp
13. Morphology – Sorace
14. Claro Intelecto – Tone
15. The Consumer – Datacare
16. Cem3340 – Sedna
17. LMAlliance – GloveBox (AssemblerCode remix)
18. The Exaltics – Tunnel Chase
19. Lloyd Stellar & The Droid – Days of The Vanished
20. Dan White – Buckley’s Escape

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