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Divine Shade – Stars / Ren Toner feat. Shan Moue – Welcome The Chaos

by François Zappa

Seeing that Divine Shade, the darkwave band in which we find Ren Toner, has released a new single, we are going to write a few lines also about the EP that the singer released last year. In both of them we find the voice of Shan Moue, so talking about the two of them at the same time makes sense.

Let’s start with the French band as we discovered them before. Divine Shade released a first EP in 2014 and a second one in 2020. If you like the new track, we invite you to listen to both of them. The latter, entitled Ashes, was released with short film divided into four chapters, each one a with song/video. In 2022, they have been the opening act for Gary Numan during the English part of his tour, a pity they didn’t come to Spain, because we would have been able to listen to this “Stars” live. The song talks about our inner child and will be part of an important musical project that will be announced later this year.

In a more purely electronic side, more dark techno, the latest EP from Ren Toner has also pleased us. We already told you about his previous collaboration with Shan Moue, “This Love is a Weakness”, a single that we commented back in the day. Now, he is back with the EP Welcome The Chaos where we find two powerful tracks, perfect for the dancefloor. In the first one, Shan’s voice is the protagonist, meanwhile the second relies more in the electronic side with chorus of both singers. The EP concludes with a slower track, “In this Place”, with a beautiful melody and another great performance by Shan. We’ll be waiting for their new releases for this 2023. 

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