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Days of Sorrow – Firestar

by François Zappa

German post-punk/darkwave band Days of Sorrow are making the news  because they are releasing a new video and also replacing Russian band Ploho at DarkMad. So in Madrid, at last, we will be able to see the band born in the eighties after their successful participation in Ombra Festival. As for the video, “Firestar”, is one of the tracks from their album Soulmate Sister and it will be released tomorrow at 7 pm. It’s a curious audiovisual experiment that is sure to catch your attention. Before that, they will be live introducing the video.

The band, led by William Lennox, had their success in the eighties thanks to the classic “Wild World” and, after a 30-year-split, they returned after the release of Whatever Happens, the compilation released by Dead Wax label. Last year they released a new album, Soulmate Sister, which they played to an enthusiastic audience at Ombra Festival and at European festivals such as the Polish Return to the Batcave, Berlin’s Black Web Festival III and Germany’s Dark Skies Over Witten.

The band is also preparing the release of new songs that we will be able to listen to live at DarkMad festival that will take place on the 29th and 30th of April.

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