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C-System – Adrenocromo/ Modernation Vol​.​4

by François Zappa

BARRO Music Label’s new release comes from the experienced hands of producer and DJ C-System and includes four original tracks and a remix by label boss Nöle. Adrenocromo is packed with the best industrial techno and is available as a digital download and as a limited vinyl edition of 200 copies.
José María Moreno Vega, better known as C-System, has been releasing material since 2001 on his own labels (MFM Records and Morforecs) as well as on others as interesting as Kobayashi, Mastertraxx, Armatura and Subsequent. His music has attracted the interest of techno legends such as Dave Clarke and Ken Ishii.
The EP opens with the incredible Adrenocromo, whose liquid, hypnotic melody contrasts with the punchy beats to create an industrial techno bomb that’s hard to resist. Nöle’s remix gives more prominence to the beats, forgetting a bit about the keyboard melody and instead fills the track with small details. The A-side closes with Deniers, a short composition full of tension.
On the B-side we have Friendly Kick, a banger with special prominence of the bass drum and synths that wouldn’t be out of place in a science fiction film. Finally, Project Freedom has a more 90s sound and reduces the darkness of the rest of the EP, presenting a more hedonistic track that you will listen to with your arms up in the air.

Modernation Vol. 4, the latest compilation released by Italo Moderni, Adrian Marth’s label, won’t be part of my record collection. And it’s not because I don’t like it, but I made the mistake of playing it to Dead Violets Night, and as soon as she listened to two or three tracks, she told me that she wanted the record for her DJ sets. And although our matrimonial regime doesn’t believe in separate property, each record has its own owner.

Dead Violets Night‘s decision is understandable, the compilation is full of very danceable tracks that will delight those who come to her next session. As the Bandcamp notes say, side A is more EBM-focused while we find more electro on the flip side. Adrian Marth has brought together some of the best producers of the moment, as well as adding the cherry of the cake himself. In addition, the digital version includes material from artists as interesting as Le Chocolat Noir.

The compilation starts with Timothy J. Fairplay who brings a playful yet disturbing track. France’s Leroy Se Meurt are just themselves and that’s enough. Aggressive, dark, intense and brilliant as always, their contribution to the compilation, “Angoisse” is, without a doubt, a track that has to be really cool live. One of the best of the compilation.

Polish producer Chino, whose EP Autostrada we recommend you, brings a powerful and straight track that will make you dance non-stop.” Shoplifters”, is that kind of composition that gets into your brain and takes you over. A-side is closed by Alessandro Adriani, the boss of Mannequin Records, with a more electro track with a dreamy and original touch. As we said before, the flip side is more electro and starts with the great Univac, an artist from whom we buy all the material he releases. Here he gets a bit experimental and adds another gem to his impeccable discography. Texan Chupacabras delivers good electro in another very danceable track. If you want to dig deeper, we recommend his namesake EP from 2020. And we finish with label boss Adrian Marth who, with some new beat melodies and a pretty hard ending, invites you to dance.

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