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ALBUM – Jean-Marc Lederman: Music For Dinosaurs

by François Zappa

The title of “Hardest Working Man in Goth Business” has a well-deserved owner this 2020: Jean-Marc Lederman has released, just one month ago, his third album of the year, after the instrumental The Helpless Voyage Of The Titanic and the masterpiece Letters To Gods [And Fallen Angels]. The new instrumental work by the Belgian musician focuses on his electro side with 13 tracks of music for dinosaurs. The album has been released by Belgian NeuMusik, a sub-label of Wool-E Discs in a very beautiful and limited 150 CDs edition.

Maybe it’s not necessary, but we would like to remind you that Jean-Marc Lederman was part of The Weathermen together with Bruce Geduldig, and they recorded the hit “Poison” and some really good EBM albums. He was also the man behind Kid Montana and has collaborated in a really huge number of records. In 2021, we are going to try to tell you a bit more about his career.

Music For Dinosaurs takes us to a real Jurassic Park, where we arrive quite confident thanks to the humor of the titles of the songs. Soon we start getting thrilled and amazed with each new animal, although at the end we realized that all the dinosaurs are electronic.

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