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ALBUM – Human Figures: Footsteps

by François Zappa

Frigio Records, in collaboration with Valencian label B.F.E Records, has released a beautiful vinyl edition of Footsteps by Human Figures, only available on cassette till now. Human Figures is one of Daniel Holt’s numerous projects, where he plays a delicate and nostalgic mixture of post-punk and synth pop. It has been released in a limited edition of 300 copies that we are sure, will be sold out soon.

We can find nine tracks in Footsteps, some of the like “Lifted Burden” or “40 Days” with the melancholic voice of Holt, but also some evocative instrumentals like “Last Days,” or other more playful and with oriental airs like “An Open Heart.” On the B-side, we have the soft post-punk of “For My Angel,” and four instrumentals, quite different among them and, for me, the best part of the album: the evocative “Youth and Longing,” the almost danceable “Footsteps,” the disturbing “Passing beyond Body” and the sad “Humility.”

Daniel Holt is a well-known name between the followers of JuanPablo’s label as he included one of his tracks for each of his Frigio All Stars vols. 2 and 3 compilations, both of them highly recommended. Among the projects of this DJ, producer and owner of the label Ardetha Records, we have to name Lifris with two albums of dungeon synth. As Daniel Holt he has recorded a 12″ for L.I.E.S and a cassette that we hope someone will release on vinyl soon.  

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