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Cororavirus Pool

by François Zappa

It’s sad not be able to leave your house and to see that everything around you is closed. But it seems that this is the best solution to finish with this pandemia that threatens to kill a large part of the population. So, we have to do everything on our hands to make things go back to normal as soon as possible. But it’s not only about staying at home, we have to think of every little thing that has made our lives better: if they disappear, it would be like if we’d lost the fight against the virus.

The survival of bands, small promoters, bars, record shops y professionals related with the music industry is in danger because their source of income has been cut. The virus has hit some artists during their gigs: they lose a lot of money because of flights and expenses, others have health issues and no money, and all of them have seen all their concerts and all the festivals where they were going to play cancelled or postponed. The same happens to promoters with all their concerts and gigs cancelled and the doubt of not knowing when all this will be back to normal again. Clubs and venues are also having a hard time as rents have to be paid and without any income, they still have a lot of expenses. The record shops, already going through a long crisis, have seen their situation worsened because they had to close and the online sales are getting slower because mail is getting some restrictions. And to finish, we want to remember all the professionals whose work has stopped completely, like the photographers or all the technical crew of the concerts.

At the Garaje, luckily, we don’t have any problem, as we don’t live from this. That’s why we would like to start this pool to help a scene that needs us. All information about where this money is going will be provided to those who ask for it.


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